The Sonoran Relief Fund

Our mission statement:

The Arizona Beta chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta has been dedicated to the betterment of the Tucson community since our founding. In recent light with the impacts of COVID-19, Alpha Epsilon Delta has partnered with the Gujarati Cultural Samaj to create the Sonoran Relief Fund. Our goal is to provide care packages to the University of Arizona students remaining on campus which are meant to aid in de-stressing during this time. Donations raised will also go to local and at home mask makers, who need materials to keep our healthcare providers protected. We are also looking to aid Z mansion, an organization that serves the homeless community here in Tucson. We are looking to assist by delivering tangible care packages and monetary funds to these heavily impacted groups. We are asking for you to donate to help support your Southern Arizona community. Help us fight this pandemic!

UPDATED MESSAGE: Thank you to all who donated, our organization and the surrounding community greatly appreciates all of your consistent support throughout these last couple of months. We are proud to say we raised roughly $3,300 and have already given it back to our Tucson community and organizations that have been focused on providing for the people of Tucson. If you would like more information on how our budget was spent please consult the form below for an in depth breakdown.


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A message from us:

If you have any questions about our relief fund or would like to help please feel free to contact us below!